Qhubeka Forensic Services prides itself on excellent client service and focuses on understanding the unique requirements of each of its clients. In turn, it provides a solution-based approach, by adding valuable solutions and services that meet its client’s precise needs with the aim of securing fruitful long-term relationships.

Qhubeka’s Core Services Include The Following:

Forensic Investigation Services

Qhubeka’s forensic professionals have proven ways to help clients address the challenges and risks of doing business in today’s environment. In order to successfully conduct forensic investigations, Qhubeka has expertise in forensic auditing, investigations, legal and disciplinary procedures, as well as fraud risk management.

Qhubeka’s Forensic Investigation Services Include:

  • Fraud and corruption (commercial crime) investigations, dishonesty and gathering of prima facie evidence within the legal framework and presenting evidence to the relevant authority;
  • Assistance with preparation of criminal and civil prosecution;
  • Expert witness testimony in disciplinary, civil, regulatory and criminal proceedings;
  • Labour related / workplace misconduct investigations;
  • Investigations of procurement fraud, conflict(s) of interest, and sales kickback schemes; and
  • Management fraud / employee fraud / third party fraud investigations.

Forensic Auditing / Accounting Services

With a holistic approach to our audit investigations, Qhubeka addresses client’s requirements in terms of policies, procedures and practice. Qhubeka further aims to not only identify and report on maladministration, corruption, theft, fraud, and/ or negligent action through investigation processes, but also to detect and prevent the occurrence thereof. In this regard, Qhubeka may propose appropriate Fraud Risk Management initiatives.

Qhubeka’s Forensic Auditing Services Include:

  • Providing factual findings on specific data, documentation and relevant financial information and evidence;
  • Alternative- and commercial dispute resolution;
  • Litigation support and arbitration services;
  • Regulatory investigations; and
  • Investigation of financial accounting and reporting irregularities.

Fraud Risk Management

Fraud Risk Management assists organisations to be prepared for undesirable infringements that could constitute white commercial crimes, or lead thereto. This service refers to organisations being proactive rather than reactive to situations and misconduct(s) that could potentially pose as threats to the organisations. An effective fraud risk assessment should identify where fraud may occur and who the perpetrators might be.

Qhubeka’s fraud risk assessment plan includes the following three (3) key elements:

  • Identifying inherent fraud risk;
  • Assessing the likelihood and significance of the inherent fraud risk; and
  • Responding to reasonably likely and significant inherent and residual fraud risks.

Cyber Forensics and Data Analytics

Qhubeka’s specialised computer forensic skills encompass both computer forensic services and data analytics. The larger, more complex disputes and investigations usually involve volumes of electronic documents, electronic mails and other forms of data. Qhubeka professionals are equipped with the tools and expertise to assist with analysing various data, and extract relevant and useful information with evidentiary value.

In addition to cyber forensics, Qhubeka further extends its offering to the enhancement of its clients’ productivity and business. This is achieved through the application of quantitative and qualitative techniques and processes best known as Data Analytics.

Qhubeka Forensic Services’ computer forensic specialists have the skills necessary to conduct a variety of forensic activities including:

  • Compiling trend analyses;
  • Identifying anomalies through large data sets;
  • Data mining and analysis;
  • Data interrogation;
  • Circumventing passwords;
  • Decryption of files;
  • Tracing the true sources of email and spam;
  • Recovering deleted data or files;
  • Matching data to the system from which it was created;
  • Finding hidden websites; and
  • Collection and securing of electronic evidence.

Litigation Support

The Qhubeka team has vast legal expertise, emanating from years of experience in private practice as admitted attorneys, as well as from investigations that lead to legal proceedings in both the public and private sectors. Qhubeka is accustomed to dealing with criminal as well as civil litigation and is subsequently able to advise clients on the appropriate actions to consider.

The strength and effectiveness of Qhubeka’s litigation support services comes from the fact that the incumbent resources are not only legally qualified, but are also practicing forensic specialists. The interpretation of the forensic evidence, audit findings, control breakdowns, etc. are therefore seamlessly incorporated into our litigation support to ensure that the client gets the best possible result, should it decide to opt for the litigation route.

Litigation Support Includes, But Is Not Limited To:

  • Assisting clients with disciplinary related matters;
  • Testifying as expert witnesses;
  • Presiding over labour matters in a disciplinary hearing;
  • Acting as prosecuting officer at disciplinary hearings; and
  • Advising on legal aspects of labour related matters etc.

Dispute Resolution

Closely related to the above-mentioned services, are dispute resolution services, with which Qhubeka can also service its clients. It is inevitable that at some point organisations would want to resolve disputes between, inter alia, the employer and employee, rival companies/organisations etc. These disputes may or may not emanate from a forensic investigation that recommended civil, criminal or disciplinary action (in the case of employees) against the offender. As such, our team has experience in a variety of dispute related matters, as well as the legal forums associated therewith, to best guide and represent the client in bringing such disputes to finality.

Business or claimant disputes often involve complex damage and/or financial analysis. Qhubeka is able to analyse and determine the financial impact and assist clients to make informed decisions in respect of disputes arising from large complex litigation matters or claims.

In and amongst other disciplinary services, Qhubeka offers the following:

  • Advising and representing clients in bringing dispute resolutions to finality;
  • Assisting clients in resolving disputes between inter alia employer and employee;
  • Analysing and determining financial impact on complex litigation matters or claims; and
  • Assisting with quantifying loss of income.

Counter Fraud Services

Qhubeka’s team consists of lawyers, auditors, accountants, IT specialists and seasoned investigators to ensure that we can service the forensic needs of our clients. The focus on this aspect of forensics ensures that organisations, both public and private, are exposed to the different ways of circumventing commercial crimes and actions that should be taken should a company find itself victim of such crimes.

Qhubeka Offers The Following Counter Fraud Services:

  • Fraud risk assessment and preventative programmes;
  • Fraud and anti-corruption awareness training / campaign; and
  • Fraud detection planning.

Additional Forensic Specialist Services

Qhubeka Offers The Following Additional Specialist Forensic Services:

  • Handwriting analysis;
  • Questioned documentation examination; and
  • Polygraph examination.